Face To Face - How Small Business Owners Are Creating Cultures Of Excellence

About The Book

"Default leadership is the greatest obstacle in our practice's transformation from good to great. Without purposeful leadership, our practices are like a caterpillar that never experiences what it means to be a butterfly." ~ Dr. Joel Small

Most leadership books are written by boardroom barons and corporate captains of industry. But you and I know that the small business leader is the backbone of a healthy and thriving economy. This is a leadership book written by and for the small business leader and entreprenuer who wants to:

  • Become the leader they were meant to be
  • Become an exceptional communicator
  • Be a role model worth following
  • Believe in abundance
  • Know the power of being vulnerable
  • Manage the process, not the people
  • Face change when change is needed
  • Influence their business culture... for the better!
  • Honestly evaluate his or her failures in order to change

This is a "must-read" leadership guide for health care professionals & entrepreneurs.

Don't let your GOOD practice keep you from being a GREAT leader.

Small business leaders have more ability to influence the culture of their workplace than leaders of giant corporations…and they can do so more quickly and effectively, seeing positive results in a shorter amount of time.

Yet the vast majority of small business leaders do not understand the transformational impact their leadership can have on the lives of the clients, staff, customers, patients and colleagues around them.

Face to Face leadership is unique to small organizations. It is emotional and personal as well as being powerful and transformational. Learning to find your voice and how to bring who you are to what you do will forever change the way you lead.

Ask yourself… what are you doing with the sphere of influence that you have been given to positively impact the organization you lead? How are you leading your colleagues to orient their work in a way that reflects the core values and integrity that make their services so distinct?

Become a GREAT leader in your organization and community today!


  • "Joel brings a message in Face to Face of critical importance to the professional. Understanding and practicing the proper approach to the art of leading in today’s complex environment is the master key to achieving fulfillment and success. Joel speaks with the honesty and authority of one who has lived what he teaches; his successes are significant testimony to the truth of his work."

    Dr. John Findley, Past President of the American Dental Association
  • "Joel is a special man with a special message. He’s a consummate professional with a passion for sharing his many blessings with his fellow colleagues. I know that you will grow and benefit both personally and professionally from reading Joel’s book, Face to Face."

    Tony Jeary, Author, speaker, executive coach
    Author of Strategic Acceleration, Speaking From the Top, and Success Acceleration